Natural Soaps

Cleanse. Balance. Restore.

With pure plant extracts and essential oils,

our products are guaranteed to leave you feeling drenched in the beauty of nature.

If you haven't tried all natural soaps now's your chance, we offer two lines of soaps here at Freedom Body Products "All Natural" and "Mostly Natural" to be able to serve our customers needs. Our completely all natural soaps are as close to nature as soap gets, from our carefully formulated recipes and essential oils to our natural colorants and additives, you can be confident about a 100% pure clean experience. We also offer a Mostly Natural soap experience, but with the addition of some super yummy fragrance oils and some super fun skin safe Mica colorants if that's what you prefer. All of our soaps here at Freedom Body Products are vegetarian and are made with plant based oils using either the Cold or Hot process method of soapmaking.

                                                                  How to care for handcrafted soaps

Handcrafted soaps are not like the commercial detergent bars that you buy in bulk at the grocery store and require special care to make your soapy experience the best it can be.
1. Always use a well draining soap dish that allows your soap to dry between uses. Soap allowed to sit in water can absorb water and turn mushy. 
2. A mesh soap bag in the shower can extend the use of your soap when hung to dry between uses and acts as a great exfoliator. 
3. Handcrafted soaps should be stored in a cool dry place away from humidity before use. Linen closets are a great place to keep your soaps happy.
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