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A must have for petal soft skin

Freedom Body Product's Body Butters are super moisturizing without being greasy and just a little bit goes a long way. Using only high quality butters and oils allows us to create a healthy all natural product without chemicals, fillers or preservatives and your skin will thank you for it. Our butters are also completely customizable when it comes to adding scents, simply select unscented or choose from our list of Essential Oils or Fragrance Oils for a custom fit.


Exfoliate and Moisturize

Our Sugar Scrubs are a great way to either start or end your day. Whether you would like to wake up with our invigorating citrus or peppermint scrubs or scrub the day away with our soothing lavender scrubs, we have many options to choose from.  



Convenient and Portable

Our lotion bars come in small portable twist tubes for your convenience and only contain the most moisturizing ingredients. Just slide the bars over your skin allowing your body heat to soften and melt these wonderful all natural butters and oils, leaving your skin nourished and super soft. These wonderful lotion bars also double as Massage bars turning a boring back rub into a sensual experience.  ​


A Wonderful way to relax 

Get ready to pamper yourself with our line of luxury bath fizzy's designed to turn your tub into a trip to the spa. Our bath bombs come packed with nourishing skin loving ingredients for a super moisturizing experience, and customizable for scent.


A blissful experience  (Our Bath Salts now come in multi use 10 oz bags)

Bath salts are used to detoxify the body and to remineralize and soften your skin, but did you know it can also ease your aches and stimulate circulation. Here at Freedom Body Products our bath salts contain both Pink Himalayan sea salts as well as Dead Sea salts both of which contain many beneficial minerals known for restoring our bodies natural balance. Just fill up your tub and get ready to soothe those tired muscles and relax. 


Super Fast Super Clean

One of my absolute favorite products since starting this more natural journey is our makeup remover. As a contact lens wearer it has always been a struggle to find a product that worked great at removing makeup gently without the stinging or burning associated with many products on the market today. I believe I have found the perfect blend of natural ingredients that will leave your face feeling clean, fresh and never oily. Just shake and apply to a facial round or wash cloth and wash away even the most stubborn waterproof mascara. 


Mild and Multipurpose

Our Liquid Bastille Soap is made of all natural plant based oils and has a wide variety of uses. Full strength, it works great as a body wash and even creates a nice thick lather that is a treat to shave with if you add some skin loving light oil. Want to switch to a all natural household cleaner, just dilute with water in a spray bottle and feel confident that your not spraying chemicals all over your household surfaces. If you use a foaming hand soap dispenser three tablespoons of our liquid Bastile soap is enough to refill a standard foamer when topped off with water. Essential oils or fragrance oils may be added to scent this product if desired. 


Aromatherapy while you shower

For those of you without a tub or just no time for a bath, you can still enjoy the aromatherapy of a bath bomb. Simply place one of our steamers in the corner of your shower basin or tub out of the direct stream of water and let the steam of your shower carry a blend of essential & fragrance oils to your nose.

Lip Balms

For soft, luscious lips

Our custom blend of butters, oils and waxes glide smoothly over your lips leaving them hydrated and kissably soft.

I know we all like to indulge in the best, so I formulated our Cream Facial Soap to give you the look and feel of a full spa facial in one easy step. Premium oils combine with a gentle cream soap, activated charcoal and face loving essential oils make this a must have, for a glowing, rosy complexion. Simply apply a very thin layer to your dry face, then add water, work into a pleasant light lather and rinse, it's that simple.

Our Dry Oil Body Spray is formulated to give you intense moisture without leaving a greasy skin feel. Made with premium fast absorbing oils that are packed with nourishing skin benefits, perfect for glowing, soft, hydrated summer skin.

Part of the fun of handcrafted skincare products is experimentation and new product design that comes along with it. We hope you'll check back often to see what's new and to find out about specials and upcoming new products. If you'd like to join our mailing list, please enter your email address in the box at the bottom of the page. 
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