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Welcome to Freedom Body Products

At Freedom Body Products we offer completely all natural skin care products for people with sensitive skin, as well as mostly natural products for the health conscious consumer. 

*Please be aware that while Natural ingredients are usually a much better alternative some botanicals may cause an unwanted reaction and a patch test is recommended before using any new product.*

                                                                    Essential Oils & Fragrance oils

Essential Oils have been used for thousands of years across the world with many different purposes, such as health, personal care, cleaning, and for aromatherapy.  Here at Freedom Body Products we use great care to select the best quality oils to ensure you have the best skincare experience possible.  We choose all of the oils that go into our products with great care and thought about our clients happiness, safety, and wellbeing. Which is why all of our essential oils are 100 percent pure and our fragrance oils are of the highest quality and always phthalate free.  We strive to make you completely comfortable knowing that we use only the best and most simple ingredients in all of our products and a lot of thought has been put into every element of our formulations.

                                                                    Natural Additives and Mica's

Natural Additives

We use things from nature to enhance our soaps and some of our bath products. Some examples of natural additives we use are cocoa powder, turmeric, paprika, activated charcoal and natural clay's. We like to use these natural items for the wonderful benefits they provide and hope you do as well. 


While Mica is a natural mineral mined from the earth it can also be created in a lab to be nature identical. Our micas that we use here at Freedom Body Products are nature identical, meaning that they are the same chemical makeup as the minerals found in the earth but without the lead and arsenic. Mica's are used in the production of eyeshadow, blush, and lipsticks and are considered skin safe and are only used in our 'Mostly Natural" products. 



Here at FBP we strive to meet all your skin care needs so we are constantly  researching and experimenting with new products. So check back often to see whats new .

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